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A big question that looms large in the mind of a woman is the query: "Am I really pregnant? How can I be sure?"
In many cases, the situation is fairly obvious from the start. But in others, it is quite obscure. Of course, one thing is certain: time will yield the answer in every case. But nearly every woman has a burning desire to know with some accuracy if she is or is not pregnant, if there is any such possibility.
The first sign is usually a missed period in a woman who normally menstruates regularly, and who is not following any contraceptive routine while engaging in normal marital relations with her husband.
A few lucky women seem to commence their menstrual bleeds with amazing regularity. Indeed, "I can set my clock by it all," some claim. At a given hour on a given day each twenty-eight days, menstruation sets in. So, if this suddenly did not occur, it is excellent presumptive evidence that conception has taken place.
However, most women are not built with such mechanical precision. Just the same, menstrual regularity within a day or two each month can still produce similar presumptive suggestion of conception.
The normal menstrual cycle has very wide variations. Although many women average a twenty-eight-day cycle, the range may swing from twenty days up to forty days or even more. Indeed, some women go as long as forty-five days, and occasionally, some manage two or three periods a year!
It is with these women that accuracy in pinpointing pregnancy is a little more difficult. But there are many other pointers to pregnancy, so that one individual sign, although it may be very important in some women, is not the criterion by any means.
However,   with   the   "regular"   ones,   the missed period is often the first obvious sign, and the one that sends the majority scuttling off to their doctor post haste. Many doctors likewise consider that a missed period in a normally menstruating woman is to be considered due to pregnancy until proved otherwise.



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