Woman's Intuition
There are some women who seem to have an inbuilt intuition that is unexplainable. They simply knowthat pregnancy has taken place.
They have a "feeling" or a "hunch" or whatever. "I just feel pregnant," is frequently their total explanation of the situation. "I feel different, that's all." Most physicians accept this, and go along with the feminine instinct which usually proves to be correct! After all, you can't argue convincingly with a determined female when her mind is made up, the doctor probably says to himself. But added to this is his own professional experience of dealing with hundreds of women over many years. He knows natural instinct is often correct. Maybe it is one of those interesting whims of nature, and after all, the world is full of these in various avenues of life.
However, there are quite a few other indications that pregnancy has taken place, chief among them being:

Nausea and Vomiting. This is the so-called "morning sickness" of pregnancy. Nobody is quite sure why it is called "morning" sickness, for it can occur at any time over the twenty-four-hour cycle of the day. It is common in the morning, but it is frequently at midday and towards evening.
In fact, this takes place in well over 50 per cent of women between the fourth and ninth week after the last menstrual period. Fortunately, more feel nauseated than those who actually vomit. In only a small number does it become a serious, disabling symptom. But added to other symptoms, it can often be of valuable assistance in confirming a diagnosis.

Frequency of Urination. The woman usually notices a marked increase in the desire to pass urine. The amounts passed may only be small. There is usually none of the burning or discomfort that takes place with bladder and urinary tract infections. It is due to the physiological changes occurring in the pelvic area, and is quite a normal event. But, it also helps the physician to form a diagnosis of your pregnant state accurately. It is a good indication to you too, before you make that initial visit to the doctor.

Breast Changes. Changes that occur in the breast itself constitute a fairly early sign. Very early in pregnancy, increasing amounts of chemicals called hormones are produced by the ovary and womb. These actively circulate to all parts of the system. Basically they help to prepare the womb in particular, but also the body in general for the impending event.
The breasts play a major part in pregnancy, and these are geared to become active so that a natural, normal food supply will be readily available for the new infant immediately he makes his debut into the world.
So, the hormones start acting on breast tissue right from the start. The breasts tend to become enlarged. The nipples likewise enlarge, becom­ing more prominent, and often quite tender. The areola, the pigmented area surrounding the nipple, darkens. In women who have never before been pregnant, the normal, natural pinkish color gradually changes to a darker shade, and finally becomes a dark brown. Once it assumes this darker color, it remains this way for the remainder of one's life.



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