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One point of interest is that in women who take the contraceptive pill, this pigmentation will occur while they are on the Pill. The reason is that the Pill contains hormones similar in nature to those produced during early pregnancy. Their effect on the breast is very similar. Not only will it turn the areola a darker shade, but often it will produce an artificial enlargement of the breast itself.
In fact, many younger women with poor chest development elect to take the Pill exclusively for this reason. Of course, this is not recommended. The sad truth is that as soon as such women cease taking the Pill for any reason, the breasts tend to regress to their original smaller size. Or, as many have discovered to their sorrow, they may diminish even more than in the pre-Pill-taking days. So, any woman reading this and contemplating getting onto the Pill for these reasons should think again. It is not a very good idea for purely cosmetic reasons!
Besides the areola becoming darker and the nipples more prominent, small raised areas occur in the pigmented parts. These are due to little glands that are excited by the hormones, and they become quite prominent. They appear as little raised pimples.
This is not serious and it is not dangerous, and they should not be squeezed or fiddled with. They are not like acne blackheads on the face that are common with some women.
Often as the breast enlarges, veins become a prominent feature. These appear as bluish lines coursing all over the breasts. They are frequently more prominent about the nipple and areola area. This merely indicates that breast activity is occurring. Everything is being geared to the ultimate nutritional care and well-being of the forthcoming infant. Nature is very aware of what the future holds, and makes every effort to be prepared.



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