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You want more info of me? Well... Let's see.

General info...

I'm a 20-year-old girl from Finland and I'm the youngest of five sisters. I just left the horrid world of high school behind me by graduating! Phew!! Now I'm taking a one year off from ALL studying! That way I'm more focused next year, with extra energy, motivation and, of course money from all the work I've been doing in different jobs, starting this summer and ending in spring 2006.

About my hobbies...?

Music is my one true passion, ["Are you willing to sleep your way to the top? Do you wanna be pop!ular?" - Darren Hayes], so's egyptology. I promise to put pics from my trip to Egypt and merry ol' London! I TRULY fell in LOVE of the two countries! *Wants to go back there and leave this cold land behind FOR GOOD*


NO thanks! Unless, the guy is willing to stay for good, as 'the one'! I'm tired of their attitude "wham, bam, thank you, mam!".

Here's a button, made by me.


You are 40% Taurus

How much do you match your zodiac sign?

Oh, well... I've always thought that one shouldn't believe in horoscopes. My horoscope ALWAYS says that I'm SENSIBLE with money. Yeah right!!! =D Maybe my mark is on a rising or falling angle to some other astronomical mark, lie saturn for example!! Ha-ha! I've read too much Potter!!! =)

Ok. Here's a poem made by me. I own the copyright to this poem, so DON'T you DARE STEAL it from me!!! GRR!!!!

When i run off the smial

I hope you're not angry with me
When i ran off the smial today
I just wish I had more courage
So I could face you with the facts.

Yesterday you tried approach me.
Why the hell did I run off the smial?
I could sense you had something to say
I know, 'cause it's also on my mind.

I can't even trust tomorrow
'Cause if I don't end this torment,
I'll just run off the smial again,
until someone takes you, my Sam...

From Frodo Baggins to Samwise Gamgee


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